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Taping thumbs for the hookgrip

PSA: If you do not hookgrip when oly lifting, YouTube some how-to's or ask a coach, because it is going to improve your lifts way more than anything we're going to sell you, and its free. Your grip will be much stronger for one reps, and will last much long for barbell cycling... especially if you have tiny hands in the first place... cough, cough.

Then, come back to skwatshop.com and buy some tape. 

I have used the standard athletic tape for thumb taping, and it works out OK until you start sweating and it slides off that useful appendage. Here at SKWATSHOP, we only sell products from brands we have actually used, and GOAT tape is a fitness and weightlifting tape we can't get enough of at our gym.

Its somehow incredibly sticky without ripping your skin apart when you take it off. The outer side is grippy and is perfect for hookgripping, and it also seems to be more sweat resistant than the generic stuff.

Beyond hookgripping its great for making a one use palm grip for gymnastics movements, or wrist supports if needed.

Check out this tutorial posted by GOAT Tape about how to apply the tape for the hookgrip and happy hookgripping:

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